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Houndour Gym Battle Simulator | Pokemon Go with Generation 2

The Pokemon Gym Battle Simulator for Pokemon Go is here with Generation 2 Pokemons! It really took time guys. We are still developing and perfecting it, so please leave your comments and suggestions below. Cheers!
NB1: It may not work in Opera and IE. Please use Chrome or Firefox.
NB2: Time is stretched, so the battle is 2 times slower than in real life.

Select ATTACKING Pokemon

Enter Pokémon's Stats

Chose Pokémon's Moveset

Attacker 55 CP 459

>> Vine Whip -10HP (x1.25!)

<< Vine Whip -12HP --> x1.56!!

Aerial Ace Terrible Boom
Defender 77 CP 477
Aerial Ace Terrible Ice

Pokémon Go Gym Battle Simulator and what you need to know about it.

Last week I won a Pokémon Go Gym Battle although the gym's Pokémon had higher CP Pokémon than my Pokémon average. How did I do it? You will know it too with our simulator!

Hey, if you reached the first important milestone playing Pokémon GO, and jumped onto level 5, collecting 20 points, then you are ready for your first Gym Battle. Reality is that Pokémon GO Gym is not really gym like you and all Pokémon GO players would expect. Niantic company, the creator of fantastic Pokémon Go, did not make it like a person-on-person battle arena to fight in real time, but, is fact, it's a battle gym where you can place your Pokémon, or train your Pokémon if someone's Pokémon is already there, by doing a gym battle with it.

Probably, these are some logical questions pop up in your mind: What are the rules for a Gym Pokemon Battle simulator? Does your Pokémon's CP matter? How to fight in Pokémon GO Battle Gym simulator? How to choose the right Pokémon for a fight? And finally... how to win a Pokémon GO Gym Battle?

As you can guess, practice in a Pokemon Gym Battle Simulator is a very valuable part of this process for a real Pokémon trainer. In fact, you can have unlimited number of attempts to combat using Gym Battle Simulator. Also, you can fight choosing your different Pokémon to see how various types of Pokémon attack and defend while you practice in a Gym Battle Simulator.

It is not a secret that Pokémon GO players in countries like Kazakhstan (add more) where Pokémon GO was launched only in October, do not have such an advantage like let's say Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada. Pokémon GO trainers in those countries were able to figure out how to get into Battle Gym nearly three months ago since July. No wonder some Pokémon Gyms are taken up by such powerful monsters like Dragonites and Snorlaxes with over 2000 CP. Did you know that some tricky Pokémon GO players used some advanced tools like GPS Spoofers (link) to place their Pokémon in areas where they could not physically reach? Knowing that you still think you can win any Gym Battle and can place your Pokémon there without a mighty tool like a Gym Battle Simulator?

Now let's see how you can still figure out how to win a Gym Battle with your ordinary and weaker Pokémon. And, YES! You need a very useful tool, the Pokémon GO Gym Battle Simulator.

Why you might need to see how Pokémon battle in PokEvolver Gym Pokemon Battle Simulator? This is the only Pokémon GO Gym Battle Simulator where you can analyze Pokémon dodging and how much damage Pokémon take and do to each other. In PokEvolver Gym Battle Simulator you can choose efficiently the Pokémon so that they get damaged less by the defending Pokémon. PokEvolver Gym Battle Simulator lets you see your battle step by step in slow motion. Useless to say that with Gym Battle Simulator you can always try a new Pokémon over and over and over again without loosing it (severely damaging it). If you feel you'd better stick around to see first what that's going to be before making decision, you will value Gym Battle Simulator and will use it all the time.

Like everything in virtual games, the craziest part is that we start to consider our Pokémon like our pets and may start feeling like we must care of them like they are real creatures. Is not it funny? No matter what, if we love our Pokémon and take care of them picking up as much healing potions as we can from PokéStops because we don't want them to be harmed or damaged. We want them to battle with fame and at full health! That's why we need to practice in the PokEvolver Gym Battle Simulator first. This way you can predict the combat sequence and know your result and see if it's worth attacking the gym.

The best part? You don't need to spend your valuable Potions to heal your pokemon while practicing in a Gym Battle Simulator. You save them for better use, for after big gym attacks where you need to heal your Pokémon multiple times. The only thing you need is to know which Pokémon you have to defeat in the Gym Battle and its CP. You need to enter this information into the PokEvolver Gym Battle Simulator along with your Pokémon you may try to use. Knowing the result of a Pokémon fight you can decide if you need to power up your Pokémon before your battle, or use a different set of Pokémon in a real Pokémon GO Gym Battle. It could be better to save stardust for later when you're at a higher level.

So embrace such a great tool as Gym Battle Simulator while waiting for new Pokémon Go updates. Use Gym Battle Simulator wisely to make right decisions. Share Gym Battle Simulator with your team and friends and enjoy the Pokémon GO game!

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