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Pokemon Go Buddy System - Guide for Trainers

Pokemon Buddy System is being released and every trainer wants to know how it works. Early Saturday morning, Pokémon GO fans were given a longwaited message from Niantic that the new update for the game was releasing for iOS and Android, which would activate the much-anticipated Pokemon Buddy System that allows players to train Pokémon through walking. So, here is the latest known information about the new Pokemon Buddy System mechanics:

1) Each Pokemon that you select as your buddy has a specific candy that is meant for that particular Pokemon. Once you’ve got your buddy set, this Pokemon will start earning candy for you as you walk. This mechanic works much the same as Pokemon eggs: walk around and the game will reward candy after a certain amount of distance travelled.

2) Each Pokémon requires you to walk or creatively maneuver for a specific amount of distance. These distances are usually 1, 3, or 5 kilometers. Once you have completed the required distance, you will be awarded with the candies.

3) The candies are used to evolve the particular Pokemon that candy is pertained to. For example, if you receive a Pikachu candy, it will only be used to evolve Pikachus into Raichus.

4) Once you have evolved a Pokemon, the amount of distance associated with that Pokemon is completely erased.

5) As with everything in Pokemon Go, there are hidden statistics under the hood that mean some buddies will be quicker to level up than others via walking and then spending their candy, so keep that in mind.

Now, thanks to The Silphroad, we know how many kilometers are required for each Pokemon GO specie to get their candy:

I feel like they need to go ahead and release a legendary bird or do something big soon because where I live there has been a huge decrease in players. I used to go walking downtown or at the park. I would run into people playing all the time. Now there's hardly anyone playing and it looks like it hurt the spawn rate. I used to find cool pokemon stuff like abra , drakonite , chansey , ghastly , sandshrew or eevee. Now its just the super common stuff over and over.