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Pokémon Go XP Chart and Level-Up Rewards

There is a great portion of useful information about levels and awards while playing Pokémon Go for you to consider. The more you play the bigger your rewards and possibilities with Pokémon Go.

Every time when you reach a certain amount of XP you level up and what the most valuable thing is that you get quite a bit of bonus items. The first four levels are very easy and quick to pass. You only need to catch about 60 Pokémon or collect items from 120 Pokestops in total. To catch those Pokémon you need to collect Pokeballs from Pokestops so it adds up to much less than that and doesn't take too much time.

The variety of items that are available increases as you level up. More Items appear to you from Pokestops ongoing from level five. From this level, along with Pokeballs you also can get Potions and Revives which you will need to heal Pokémon after gym battles which appear at this level too. In addition to these items, you will receive an Incense a very handy item to use when going for a walk. The incense attracts Pokémon which is useful if there aren’t any active lure modules in your area. These lures you will receive at a higher level later on in the game. Before level five you could see Poke Gyms but you can’t interact with them. Also, you make a choice and join one of three Pokémon teams which are Valor (red), Mystic (blue) and Instinct (yellow).

When you catch enough Pokémon and reach level 6 you get a very useful and unique item, the egg incubator. The unlimited incubator that you received at the beginning of the game is different than the one you receive at level 6. Each Pokémon egg that you find from a pokestop has its own hatching distance that you have to walk or jog in order to hatch it. It has been noticed that each Pokémon either hatches from a 2km egg, a 5km egg or a 10km egg, but some Pokémon, you just can't find in eggs like final evolutions. Rarer Pokémon like Magmar, Electrabuzz, Lapras, Snorlax, and Aerodactyl hatch from 10km eggs.

Pokémon Go tracks your speed and if you go too fast, let’s say over about 15 km/h it will be considered that you are driving and the distance won’t be counted. You need to think about math if you want to succeed in hatching Pokémon Go eggs, so use your tools efficiently! If you want to get the biggest profit you place long term hatching eggs into a 3 times limit incubator. Don’t waste useful sources for nothing, so use your incubators wisely. Remember, the more you move the faster the Pokémon eggs will hatch. If you decide to drive slowly to hatch your Pokémon Go eggs, it will bother other drivers, it looks ridiculous and it's not safe and even dangerous. So the best solution as it was already mentioned, is to go walking, jogging, cycling, running, and the easiest, (for the laziest ones) take a ride in a train in an adventure park.

Because your XP (Experience) depends mostly on Pokémon captures, it’s important to catch as many Pokémon as possible. If you have already noticed, sometimes Pokémon escape while you try to catch them. To increase your chance of capture, there is such a thing as a Razz Berry which you give to the Pokémon before you throw your pokeball to become friends. The Razz Berry is unlocked at level 8. Also as you advance in the game, Great balls and Ultra balls will appear which have an increased chance of capture which will help with capturing Pokémon quicker and with less attempts.

From level 10 and onwards, you will find more useful items such as Super potions, Great balls, Hyper Potions, Ultra balls, Max Potions and Max revives. Niantic may be adding some new items, but it is still unknown what they will be, and when they will appear. Unfortunately for now there are no new items after level 30 but at this level the Pokémon that you can catch can be at their strongest, thus from level 30 to level 40, any Pokémon caught can be at max level or at minimum.

It might be confusing that with higher levels, capturing Pokémon would get easier because you have great balls and ultra balls, as well as lures, incenses and razz berries but Niantic made sure that the interest stays in the game at the higher levels too. When you hit higher levels, the capture rate of Pokémon decreases, and their flee rate increases. So as you catch Pokémon, their chance of jumping out of pokeballs and the chance of them running away augments.....which make things a bit harder and more interesting. But we aren't afraid of challenges, are we?


Pokémon Go leveling up rewards